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All Saints Medals

November 03, 2021

St. Michael Indian School

On November 1, 2021, third through sixth-grade students crafted Saint medals in the religion class of Mrs. Jayde Legah-Carriere. One of Mrs. Legah-Carriere's goals for the project was to make bible characters more relatable to her students. She wanted to help students understand that Saints are human- they joke, play, etc. Through this connection, it helps students learn more about the lives of Saints. "Projects like these are a good way to introduce non-Catholic students to the faith, and also, to reinforce the importance of nearly 10,000 Catholic Saints in our faith," said Mrs. Legah-Carriere. "I find inspiration for hands-on art projects from various online Catholic resources to help students learn about our faith. My students enjoy stories and what better way to learn about all the various Saints and their stories through reading stories out loud about their lives."