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Ascension Update

June 11, 2020

Ascension Catholic School

The mission we live out every day is to foster academic excellence in all areas of study, encouraging discipline based on respect and responsibility, and developing a sense of service and social justice within our multi-cultural community. This faith-based mission is a source of strength to our entire community. Because we foster faith and pray daily in our school, our scholars are more likely to become intelligent, responsible and compassionate adults with a future full of hope. Our Catholic faith moves us to invite all, no matter their religious background, to deepen their relationship with God. Families place a high value on these spiritual rootedness.
We are significantly increasing our focus on literacy as a key component to help break the cycle of poverty. A big challenge is our reality that many of scholars come to school one, two or three years behind their grade level in reading and math. Our teachers have incorporated differentiation within their classroom for years, but we needed a more systematic approach to address the variety of academic needs scholars have. We want to also maximize instruction for all of our scholars by truly meeting them where they are academically and individualizing their instructional experience.