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Celebrating… De La Salle Blackfeet School: Building Faith in Education

April 15, 2022

De La Salle Blackfeet School

DLSBS continued the celebration highlighting its identity as a Catholic, Lasallian, and Blackfeet school by sharing with the students the foundations of our Catholic Faith, the call of Saint John Baptist de La Salle to take action through service informed by our faith, and communal values of the Amskapi Pukani (Southern Piegan band of the Blackfeet Confederacy).

Students were invited to enjoy some healthy competition by completing Blackfeet and Catholic/Lasallian trivia scavenger hunts, art contests, and essay contests. Students competed in each Social Studies class with Lasallian and Blackfeet Jeopardy, in each of their Language Arts Classes they developed their essays, and in Religion classes the art contests. Each project asks the students about their identities as Lasallian and Blackfeet students and to share what about these heritages they are most proud of.

Our traditionally held weekly Thursday mass was a particularly special event hosted by the 8th grade class. Students remarked on how this would be the last Catholic Schools Week mass they would celebrate as students; teachers reminded the students they will always have a connection to our school and invited them to participate in our Catholic Schools Week service while in high school and beyond.

The Catholic Schools week celebration traditionally concludes with a Faculty versus Student basketball game; however, because of the ongoing concern of COVID-19 we postponed our staff/student competition for our Founder’s Day celebration scheduled for mid-May.

De La Salle Blackfeet School concluded our Catholic Schools Week 2021 with a Sunday Mass hosted by our 8th grade class and other student leaders at our school parish, Little Flower Parish.

De La Salle wishes the Catholic Indian Mission Schools and all Catholic schools a blessed school year.