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The Diocese of Beaumont

September 18, 2023

African American Ministry, St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School, Sacred Heart Raywood, St. Athony Catholic School, St. Martin de Porres, St. Mary, St. Therese

The Diocese of Beaumont used the Black and Indian Mission Office’s generous grant funds to minister to the African American community within the diocese—particularly focusing on the youth and young adults in this area. We recognize the importance of the role that young people play in our Catholic community—they are the future of His Catholic Church. These grant funds allowed Catholic outreach to find and connect with these young people—encouraging them in their faith, as well as exposing them to the blessings a life of vocations can offer. They also allowed young African Americans to join together in fellowship to celebrate their Catholic Faith. Our parishes, schools, and ministries focus on empowering young African American believers to step forward in faith and join together as the body of Christ. Our diocese has observed a visible absence of African American youth in the pews of parishes since COVID-19 entered our community. These funds have allowed our diocese to focus efforts into getting the African American youth in our community back into the pews of our parishes and get them excited about their faith and spiritual journey. This type of outreach is paramount to the perseverance of the Catholic Church throughout our world.