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Grandparents/Elders Day at the Ysleta Mission

December 01, 2022

Tigua Native American Ministry

On the morning of September 9, the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Tuy Pathu Pre-K gathered at the Ysleta Mission to celebrate grandparent’s/elder’s day. The students began the morning with their daily prayer followed by a welcome from the tribal council and staff. The children danced the butterfly, shawl, and eagle dance for their grandparents and elders. A blessing was offered to all the grandparents and elders by Friar Juan Zuniga Lopez, OFM, Conv. Vicar at the Mission. Chief Jose Sierra shared with the children the importance and value of learning and listening to the stories that their grandparents share with them. He told them that they have survived as a people because of the sacrifice and passing on of traditions and faith from grandparents and elders. Chief Sierra told the grandparents/elders that they must continue to teach the children their way of life, so that the Pueblo can flourish and continue to live out its way of life well into the future.