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Laguna Pueblo Celebrates After Long Pandemic

October 19, 2022

St Joseph Parish- Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico

The parishioners of Saint Joseph, have been praising God for the reopening of their Laguna Pueblo after the long effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic. In June of 2021, The Most Reverend James S. Wall came to the Pueblo, to administer sacraments of initiation to many: six Baptisms, nineteen Confirmations and twelve First Holy communions! In the summer of 2022, there was the annual (much missed) Summer Vacation Bible School. Though the Pueblo had to limit attendance to 50 students, there were also ten Laguna teenagers who helped out in its success. So proud of them all! Finally, the other good news is that this past year the Pueblo was able to celebrate all of the beloved festivals, in honor of St. Joseph in Laguna’s parish and its surrounding villages’ patronal saints. The last one was on October 17, in honor of St Margaret Mary Alacoque.