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Multi-Generational Family Blessing

October 31, 2022

St. Augustine Indian Mission

St. Augustine Indian Mission, located in the rolling hills of northeast Nebraska was started in 1908 by St. Katharine Drexel. We are proud to be the only Catholic institution in the region to be started by a saint.

Since the founding of our school, five generations of Sarah Snake’s and Kellie’s Snow’s families have attended the school. We are fortunate to have Sarah and Kellie actively serving on our board of advisors. Both provide a precious link to history and cultural traditions of the Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) people.

Sarah Snake's grandmother, Jeanetta Houghton-Rave, was the first student in Sarah's family to attend St. Augustines, and she knew St. Katharine Drexel. Jeanetta's daughter Viola LaPointe was the next generation to graduate from our school. Viola continues to be very active in the school and church. In addition, Sarah's children and several grandchildren attend or have graduated from the school.

Kellie Snow's grandmother, Elizabeth Littlebeaver and her sisters, Angela Littlebeaver and Regina Littlebeaver were the first members of Kellie's family to attend St. Augustines. Elizabeth's children James Snow, Joseph Conrad Snow, Rita Snow, Vivian Thurdercloud Snow and Julia Snow also attended.

Kellie’s daughter Vinetta Snow teaches Winnebago culture and language classes at St. Augustine Indian Mission. Vanetta’s sister Isabelle, son Rocky and niece Emma currently attend St. Augustine’s

Kellie recalls, “Our great aunt Angela shared stories of when Mother Katharine Drexel would visit. She said all the girls knew she was coming because they would all be cleaning prior to her visit”.

(Kellie’s Family)

Back row L-R: Vinetta Snow, Kellie Snow, Isabelle Rose LaRose and Clarissa Rave
Front row L-R: Rocky Snow, Emma Earth, Anthony Earth

(Sarah’s Family)

Back Row L-R: Dyami Berridge, Jennifer Berridge, Sarah Snake, Roxy Houston, Jeffrey Berridge, Sr.
Front Row L-R: Jeffrey Berridge, Jr., Aubrielle Starr, Viola LaPointe, Vienna Berridge

Sarah’s Family

Sarah’s Family