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Native American Mass Celebrated on November 6, 2022

March 01, 2022

Native American Ministry

The annual Native American Mass was celebrated on Saturday, November 6, 2022, at Saint Anne Catholic Church, Ruskin, Florida, in the Diocese of St. Petersburg. The Mass was presided by Very Rev. John F. McEvoy, V.F., Pastor of Saint Anne parish. Deacon Patrick Frye, Oneida and a member of Many Nations Saint Kateri Circle, assisted F. McEvoy during the Mass.

The Native American Mass is organized every year by members of Many Nations Saint Kateri Circle. Mr. Mark Majesky directed the music with the collaboration of Ms. Janalea Hoffman (Flute Music) and Maureen Biebrich (Drum Music). Members of Many Nations Saint Kateri Circle proclaimed the readings and presented the gifts.

Deacon Frye was the homilist for the Mass. In his homily, Deacon Frye mentioned the four values of the Lakota people: generosity, courage, reverence, and wisdom. He related the readings of the day with the value of generosity and how “the Lakota people believe it is better to give a lot away than to keep a lot for yourself.”

Deacon Frye shared also about the Great Spirit (God) and our relationship with all of creation, specifically the animals that God created, which are “simple and pure and do not harm their own kind.”

Deacon Frye spoke about the buffalo, the eagle, the sun, the morning star, and the earth and how meaningful they are in the lives of the Northern Plains Indians. Deacon Frye finished his homily reading “The Canticle of the Sun” by St. Francis of Assisi. And said to close: “Francis would feel at home with the Lakota people.”