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Navajo Nation Elementary League Champions

March 22, 2024

St. Michael Indian School Elementary

In an exhilarating championship showdown on Saturday, March 2, 2024, the elementary boys' basketball team secured a thrilling victory over Sanders Elementary, clinching the title with a nail-biting final score of 11-10. The fervor of the game reverberated through the stands as families and supporters rallied behind their respective teams. This monumental win marked the culmination of the first-ever elementary league hosted in the area, catering to third to fifth graders, and featuring ten teams representing four local schools.

Guiding the victorious boys' team were coaches Trey Holgate, St. Michael alum class of 2022, and Keeyonnie Zah, former teacher and parent. Despite the girls' teams experiencing early eliminations in the tournament, their remarkable season, boasting 28 girls across two teams, showcased their dedication and talent on the court. In addition, the youngest cheer team started this season with six girls. Former varsity cheerleader and alum Kayleen Kasuse, class of 2022, and current teacher Winifred Watson-Tsosie coached the new team. As the current spring sports season unfolds, the possibility of expanding the league awaits pending interest from other schools, promising further excitement and growth in elementary-level athletics within the community.