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New School Year Begins

September 07, 2021

St. Nicholas School

St. Nicholas School opened it's doors for the 2021-2022 school year on Thursday, August 19th. Students were most excited to come back to school this year. For many, they did remote learning last year and they had not been in the building since March of 2020. They had not seen their friends or teachers for over a year. Learning was very different. It presented problems for students, parents and teachers as well. They came by bus and cars carrying their supplies and ready for the new year to begin. The excitement to have everybody back filled the school. Students filled the classrooms ready to learn. Families were happy to get back to what once was.

Students played hop scotch with their friends and managed to trace some chalk silhouettes. Later in the week we managed to pull off a farewell send off to our maintenance man, Frank DiLorenzo, better known as Mr. Frank to the students who retired after twenty-one years at St. Nicholas School. The students are greeted by the principal and Mr. Frank every morning as they arrive at school, He opens the door for them and tells them to have a great day. He often has to get on the roof to get their footballs, put the basketball hoops out for recess, monitor the traffic in and out of the parking lot which serves as their playground. He is always there to help the students. He will be missed by all. We are looking forward to a safe, healthy and successful school year!