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Pinagigi and Wibthaho

October 27, 2021

St. Augustine Indian Mission

Pinagigi and Wibthaho – These are the words for THANKS in the Winnebago and Omaha languages. We are grateful to the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions for supporting our religious education and outreach programs at St. Augustine Indian Mission in Winnebago, Nebraska.

Many great things are happening at the Mission. We are thrilled because we can provide in-school classes. Our dedicated faculty continue to bring out the best in our students in all academic areas. Many of our staff drive long distances each day. Students and staff watch the progress of the new school with great anticipation!

We are fortunate to have our two priests teaching religious education classes for our students in the middle grades. Fr. Mark Bridgman is working with sixth graders in Julie Volwiler's class. Fr. Mark Beran teaches religion for the seventh graders in Erin Johnson's class and eighth graders in Kelly Hernandez's class.

Fr. Bridgman is teaching a series of creation stories from the book of Genesis. Fr. Beran is teaching his students how to develop a closer relationship with the Lord through prayer, Mass attendance, Bible study, going to confession, and self-discipline.

We would not be able to continue the vital work of educating and inspiring the children of the Omaha and Winnebago Tribes of Nebraska without the support of wonderful donors like the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions.